Category: CRM

System for Logistic company

Client: Logistic company About project: The project entails the development of a CRM system to manage orders within a logistics company. The main goal is to streamline the delivery process from suppliers to wholesale buyers by consolidating goods from various suppliers into a single vehicle and delivering them wholesale to different buyers. This approach aims

Employee Motivation and Management System

Client: Big retailer networking Project: Employee Motivation and Management System Project Goal: To develop a comprehensive employee motivation and management system to increase work efficiency and stimulate productivity. Custom CRM for Sales Tracking: Creation of individual employee profiles for tracking and analyzing their sales. Registration and tracking of all deals and events related to sales.

Automatization processes for retail/development company

Client: a combined business operating in retail and custom-made complex construction, with operations in multiple locations. Project: The project involves developing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system based on the Laravel framework. This system is designed to track the current status of company orders and includes the following key functions: Tracking planned expenses for each

Medical clinic dashboard

Client: Medical clinic Project Description: Website Development for a Medical Complex: Creation of a website representing the medical complex, providing information about services, facilities, and medical staff to potential patients. CRM Integration for Application Collection: Implementation of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to collect and manage patient inquiries, appointments, and medical records efficiently. Patient

Medical Platform: Enhancing Healthcare Delivery

Introduction: This case study examines our project focused on creating a digital platform for medical institutions, departments, doctors, and patients in Ukraine. By establishing a unified database and streamlining patient registration processes, our goal was to enhance healthcare accessibility and streamline doctor-patient interactions. Project Overview: Our startup service aimed to provide a comprehensive solution for

CRM for HR: Streamlining Recruitment and Management

Introduction: In this case study, we delve into our project aimed at revolutionizing HR management for an outstaffing HR agency. By implementing an automated CRM system, we addressed the client’s pain points and provided effective solutions to streamline their operations. Project Overview: Our project focused on enhancing HR management processes through the implementation of a

Improving Analytics for Mobile Applications

Project Overview: Our team undertook a project focused on optimizing mobile application analytics for our client, a mobile application developer seeking to promote their app. The objective was to provide comprehensive analytics on traffic sources, installation conversions, user gameplay metrics, and financial impact, enabling our client to make data-driven decisions and enhance app performance. Client

Mobile Advertising Traffic Monitoring

Project Overview: Our team embarked on a project to develop a comprehensive CRM system tailored to track mobile advertising traffic statistics. The objective was to streamline the process of gathering mobile apps for promotion, automate campaign selection based on profitability and metrics, and ensure authenticity verification of all traffic passing through the system. Client Profile:

Optimizing Mobile App Advertising through Automated CRM

About the Project: We developed a cutting-edge CRM system tailored to track traffic for mobile app advertising campaigns. Our solution offers comprehensive control over key metrics, from initial ad views and link clicks to app installations. Key features include campaign creation and management, budget allocation, metric tracking, and performance limits customization. Client Overview: Our client

Order Management System

Introduction: Effective order management is essential for any business aiming to meet customer expectations and maintain operational efficiency. Faced with the complexities of tracking inventory, processing orders, and ensuring timely deliveries, businesses need robust systems to manage these processes seamlessly. Our client: Logistic company Request: Diverse Marketplace and CMS Systems. The client faced challenges due

B2B System

Client: B2B Startup Client Request: Our client envisioned an online platform for B2B sales generation, lead generation, and subsequent deal closure. Custom User Admin Panel Development: Our team embarked on creating a bespoke user admin panel tailored to meet the unique needs of our client’s platform. This specialized admin panel empowers users with comprehensive control