System for Logistic company


Client: Logistic company

About project:
The project entails the development of a CRM system to manage orders within a logistics company. The main goal is to streamline the delivery process from suppliers to wholesale buyers by consolidating goods from various suppliers into a single vehicle and delivering them wholesale to different buyers. This approach aims to reduce time and costs associated with logistics. The system allows suppliers to add their products and enables buyers to place orders within the same platform. Thus, the entire sales, procurement, and logistics chain is managed within a unified system, ensuring more efficient and transparent process management.

Key features of the system include: Consolidating goods from different suppliers into one vehicle for wholesale deliveries. Allowing wholesale buyers to place orders directly on the platform. Managing the order and delivery process from start to finish, including tracking order status and cargo location. Automating processes and simplifying employee tasks, leading to increased productivity and reduced operational costs. This project aims to optimize logistical processes and facilitate more efficient interaction between suppliers and buyers within the logistics chain.

Client’s Challenges: Connecting Suppliers and Wholesale Buyers: The client faced the need to integrate various seafood suppliers and wholesale buyers into a single system for more efficient interaction. Accelerating Delivery of Perishable Products: The client sought ways to expedite the delivery of seafood products, considering their perishable nature, to maintain their quality and freshness. Optimizing Logistics Costs: The issue of underutilized transport vehicles led to excessive logistics costs, prompting the need for delivery process optimization.


Client's Pain Points

- Decentralized Order Management Process: The client struggled with coordinating orders between suppliers and wholesale buyers, leading to inefficient order management and time loss due to communication delays between parties.
- Slow Delivery of Perishable Goods: Seafood products are perishable items, and the client faced challenges in ensuring fast and timely delivery, risking product quality deterioration and customer loss.
- Underutilized Transport: The client encountered underutilization of transport vehicles due to suboptimal resource allocation and inadequate delivery coordination, resulting in additional logistics expenses.
- Order Tracking and Delivery Monitoring Difficulties: Without a centralized order management system, the client experienced difficulties in tracking orders from placement to delivery, hindering monitoring and control of the process.
- Limited Market Access and Customer Reach: Without an effective channel for attracting new customers and suppliers, the client faced limitations in expanding their business and might miss potential growth opportunities.
- Unoptimized Procurement and Sales Processes: Manual addition of products by suppliers and order processing by buyers slowed down the process and increased the likelihood of errors and misunderstandings.
- Insufficient Transparency and Reporting: The client encountered challenges in accessing reliable information about orders, sales, and delivery processes, hampering informed business decisions and operational efficiency analysis.

Our Solution

We propose the development and implementation of a centralized CRM system that will unite suppliers and wholesale buyers on a single platform, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and control over the logistics process. Our solution includes order automation, delivery monitoring and tracking, route optimization, and vehicle load management, along with analytics tools for informed decision-making. We also offer the opportunity to expand the market through a marketplace and attract new customers and suppliers

Outcome and Benefits

  • Connecting Buyers and Sellers: The client efficiently linked various seafood suppliers and wholesale buyers, establishing a niche trading platform.
  • Expedited Delivery: Implementing the marketplace facilitated faster seafood delivery, preserving product quality and freshness during transportation.
  • Cost Optimization: Increased vehicle utilization via effective delivery organization within the marketplace led to reduced logistics expenses and increased profitability.
  • Attracting New Users: The ready-to-use marketplace system opened up opportunities for attracting new users and expanding the client's business.
  • This project significantly optimized and enhanced the client's operations in the seafood logistics sector by facilitating more efficient interaction between suppliers and buyers, accelerating delivery, and reducing costs.

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