Optimizing Mobile App Advertising through Automated CRM System


About the Project:

We developed a cutting-edge CRM system tailored to track traffic for mobile app advertising campaigns. Our solution offers comprehensive control over key metrics, from initial ad views and link clicks to app installations. Key features include campaign creation and management, budget allocation, metric tracking, and performance limits customization.

Client Overview:

Our client is a leading mobile app promotion company with partnerships with several prominent mobile app publishers.

Client’s Request:

Our client faced challenges with high subscription costs and fragmented data across various platforms, hindering automation and consolidation. Additionally, managing multiple managers proved inefficient. The project aimed to develop a system to autonomously identify optimal app promotion offers, create campaigns based on predefined KPIs, and provide real-time statistics and financial tracking for each campaign and publisher.

Client's Pain Points:

- High Subscription Costs and Tool Fragmentation
- Inefficient Management
- Need for Numerous Managers
- Challenges in Choosing Optimal Offers and Campaign Management
- Risk of Low Profitability and Budget Mismanagement
- Difficulties in Scaling and Attracting New Publishers

Our Solution:

- Autonomous App Selection: Developed a system to autonomously select relevant apps based on predefined parameters.
- Automated Campaign Creation: Implemented automated campaign creation with specified KPIs, streamlining the process.
- 24/7 Monitoring: Monitored statistics and autonomously managed campaigns round the clock, ensuring constant oversight and optimization.
- Advanced Features: Integrated KPI monitoring, location-based targeting, device filtering, anti-bot measures, and IP address verification for enhanced campaign effectiveness.

Our solution successfully addressed the client's pain points:

  • Cost Reduction: By eliminating the need for multiple subscription-based services, our solution significantly reduced costs.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Centralized management streamlined operations, allowing one manager to handle all tasks effectively.
  • Improved Profitability: With automated campaign optimization and real-time analytics, the risk of unprofitable campaigns was mitigated.
  • Scalability: The streamlined process enabled easier scaling of campaigns and facilitated the attraction of new publishers, fostering business growth.

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