Medical clinic dashboard


Client: Medical clinic

Project Description:

Website Development for a Medical Complex: Creation of a website representing the medical complex, providing information about services, facilities, and medical staff to potential patients.

CRM Integration for Application Collection: Implementation of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to collect and manage patient inquiries, appointments, and medical records efficiently.

Patient Personal Account: Development of a user-friendly personal account interface for patients, allowing them to manage their appointments, medical history, and personal information securely.

Analytics Dashboard for Admin: Creation of an analytics dashboard for administrators to track and analyze patient inquiries, appointment scheduling patterns, and other relevant data for informed decision-making.


Online Appointment Booking System: Development of an online platform allowing patients to schedule appointments with doctors based on their medical specialty and location preferences.

Doctor Profile Selection: Implementation of a feature enabling patients to browse and select doctors based on their profiles, including qualifications, specialties, and availability.

Location-Based Search: Integration of a location-based search functionality, allowing patients to find doctors and healthcare facilities conveniently based on their proximity to specific locations.

Patient-Doctor Communication: Implementation of communication tools facilitating seamless interaction between patients and doctors, including messaging, video consultations, and appointment reminders.


Client's Pain Points

- Long Queues and Inefficient Appointment Management: Clients face the challenge of long queues and inefficient appointment management, leading to patient dissatisfaction and low efficiency in medical institutions.
- Lack of Convenient Online Appointment System: Insufficient availability of convenient online appointment systems creates inconvenience for patients and increases the workload on administrative staff.
- Incomplete and Untimely Information: Patients experience inconvenience due to incomplete and untimely information about doctors' schedules and appointment availability, hindering the appointment planning process.
- Inconvenience in Choosing a Doctor by Profile and Location: Limited options for selecting a doctor by profile and location create inconvenience for patients who want to find the most suitable specialist in their area.
- Limited Communication between Patient and Doctor: Insufficient communication tools between patients and doctors create inconvenience during consultations, hindering the effective provision of medical services.

Our Solution

- Development of a Convenient and User-Friendly Online Appointment System, providing quick access to information about doctors' schedules and the option to choose a doctor by profile and location.
- Integration of communication tools such as chats or video calls to ensure convenient and effective communication between patients and doctors.
- Development of personalized patient portals where patients can manage their appointments, view visit history, and access test results.
- Creation of an analytical system for medical institution administrators to track the efficiency of the appointment system, analyze application data, and manage doctors' schedules.
- Ensuring reliable data protection for patient information and compliance with personal data processing requirements in accordance with legislation

Outcome and Benefits

  • Enhanced Patient Experience: By implementing a convenient online appointment system, patients experience reduced waiting times and improved appointment management, resulting in higher satisfaction levels and better overall experience with medical institutions.
  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity: The availability of an efficient online appointment system reduces the workload on administrative staff, allowing them to focus on more critical tasks, thus enhancing productivity and operational efficiency.
  • Improved Access to Information: Patients benefit from timely and comprehensive information about doctors' schedules and appointment availability, enabling them to plan appointments more effectively and conveniently.
  • Enhanced Doctor Selection Process: With expanded options for selecting doctors based on profile and location, patients can easily find and choose the most suitable specialist for their needs, ensuring better healthcare outcomes.
  • Seamless Communication: Integration of communication tools facilitates convenient and effective interaction between patients and doctors, enhancing the quality of consultations and ensuring better communication throughout the healthcare process.
  • Advanced Analytics and Management: Medical institution administrators gain access to an analytical system that enables them to track the efficiency of the appointment system, analyze application data, and manage doctors' schedules more effectively, leading to improved operational management and decision-making.

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