Automatization processes for retail/development company


Client: a combined business operating in retail and custom-made complex construction, with operations in multiple locations.

Project: The project involves developing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system based on the Laravel framework. This system is designed to track the current status of company orders and includes the following key functions: Tracking planned expenses for each order. Recording materials used for each order. Monitoring all expenses associated with order fulfillment. Tracking all income generated from orders. This project aims to streamline and automate the company’s order management processes, providing more efficient planning, control, and analysis of activities.

The client operates in the construction industry, specializing in the sale and manufacturing of complex structures across multiple locations. Each location has its own management team.
The main challenge was how to effectively monitor the operational activities of multiple locations and ensure their efficiency.




Client's Pain Points

- Lack of Effective Accounting and Control System: The client faces challenges due to the absence of an effective accounting and control system to manage operational activities across multiple business locations, hindering informed decision-making and process optimization.
- Insufficient Transparency in Financial Operations: Inadequate transparency in financial operations, including tracking expenses and revenues for orders, leads to difficulties in understanding order profitability and identifying potential losses.
- Difficulties in Managing Multiple Orders: Managing multiple orders with varying durations and complexities poses challenges in resource planning and order execution monitoring.
- Lack of Financial Operations Control in Branches: The inability to control financial operations in branches results in a loss of control over financial flows and increases risks for the company.
- Insufficient Employee Motivation and Control: Inadequate motivation and control of employees regarding key performance indicators (KPIs), such as order profitability, lead to inefficient resource utilization and decreased productivity.

Our Solution

- ERP System Development: Create a custom ERP system integrated with CRM to track and control all business operations in real-time.
- Order Data Accounting and Analysis: Implement a system for tracking and analyzing data for each order, including planned expenses, material inventory, revenues, and expenditures, to provide the client with a comprehensive view of order profitability.
- Financial Operations Management: Introduce a system for recording financial operations through the company's cash register, with a restriction on conducting operations without ERP system records, ensuring accurate financial control.
- Expenses Planning and Comparison: Develop functionality for planning future financial expenditures and comparing them with actual expenses to identify and manage deviations promptly.
- Employee Motivation and KPI Control: Implement an employee motivation system based on key performance indicators (KPIs) related to order profitability, with monitoring and analysis capabilities. Implementation of these measures will enable the client to effectively manage their business, enhance transparency and control over operations, and optimize processes to achieve higher profitability.

Outcome and Benefits

  • Enhanced Order Management Efficiency: The implementation of a centralized dispatch management system streamlines the process of order distribution among drivers and dispatchers, leading to improved efficiency and smoother operations.
  • Seamless Integration with Multiple Taxi Services: Integration with various taxi services via API simplifies order management and interaction with partners, providing flexibility and convenience in handling orders from different platforms.
  • Comprehensive Tracking of Driver Activities and Earnings: The system's functionality for tracking drivers' work and commissions enables the client to gather extensive statistics on driver performance and earnings, facilitating better analysis of business efficiency and profitability.
  • Improved Financial Transparency and Control: Real-time monitoring and analysis of financial operations, including payments to drivers, ensure greater transparency and control over financial flows, reducing risks and enabling more accurate financial planning.
  • Enhanced Personal Account Management: The improved personal account and settings management features empower taxi fleet owners to customize commission rates, access detailed work statistics, and maintain greater control over their business operations.

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