Mobile Advertising Traffic Monitoring


Project Overview: Our team embarked on a project to develop a comprehensive CRM system tailored to track mobile advertising traffic statistics. The objective was to streamline the process of gathering mobile apps for promotion, automate campaign selection based on profitability and metrics, and ensure authenticity verification of all traffic passing through the system.

Client Profile: Our client, a mobile app promotion company, previously relied on manual methods to select profitable apps for promotion, gather statistics, and manage budgets. However, the fragmented nature of existing services posed challenges in maintaining data accuracy and tracking campaign performance effectively.

Client’s Request: Seeking to overcome these obstacles, our client entrusted us with the task of creating a robust system capable of verifying the authenticity of all incoming traffic. Specifically, they required:

  • Implementation of IP address verification to identify and blacklist suspicious IPs.
  • Integration of a service to track installations originating from mobile application emulators.
  • Development of a fully autonomous system without additional maintenance costs.
  • Improvement of system performance to attract new collaboration opportunities.

Client's Pain Points

Through thorough analysis, we identified several pain points experienced by our client:
- Lack of Comprehensive Traffic Monitoring
- Inconsistent Data Accuracy
- High Risk of Fraudulent Activity
- Elevated Operational Costs
- Limited Scalability and Flexibility

Our Solution

Our team successfully addressed the client's requirements by:
- Incorporating an IP address verification service to identify and blacklist risky IPs, minimizing the risk of fraudulent activity.
- Integrating a specialized tracking mechanism to monitor installations from mobile application emulators, enhancing data accuracy.
- Creating a fully autonomous system that operates seamlessly without additional maintenance costs, ensuring long-term sustainability.
- Enhancing system performance to optimize traffic monitoring and attract new partners for collaboration.

Outcome and Benefits

  • Our tailored solution not only addressed the client's immediate challenges but also delivered significant benefits
  • Enhanced accuracy and reliability of traffic monitoring, leading to more informed decision-making.
  • Mitigation of fraudulent activity risks, safeguarding the integrity of marketing efforts and partnership trust.
  • Reduction of operational costs and increased scalability, enabling the client to pursue growth opportunities with confidence.

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