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App for retouch photos

Description: Mobile app for retouch photos. Dashboard for retouchers work — 24/7 support users orders The task is to develop a service that will connect the client and the executor of the order. The main issues on the project were: — Acceleration and optimization of queries to a remote database. — Transfer and display a


Domain: retail, freight  transportation, wholesale   Main Functionality: Supplier Capabilities — make a purchase by selecting the date and place of delivery — track the progress and status of delivery — the ability to request a product that is not available, or an insufficient quantity — keep a balance of purchases in the application (if

Laravel medical portal

Service for medical services. At the time the work began, it was a startup. It combines medical institutions, departments, doctors in Ukraine. The goal is a unified database of medical institutions, doctors, online patient registration. He participated in a team of 4 developers. The main roles: 1) patient registration / authorization filling in information about