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App for retouch photos


Mobile app for retouch photos.
Dashboard for retouchers work — 24/7 support users orders

The task is to develop a service that will connect the client and the executor of the order.
The main issues on the project were:
— Acceleration and optimization of queries to a remote database.
— Transfer and display a large number of photos, in high resolution and high weight.
— Creation of API to speed up the mobile application.
— Satisfactory page load time when needed to display more than 50MB of data
— Handling large volume of data in queries.


An environment for transferring an order from a client to a contractor has been implemented. Checking the execution of the order and quality control of the work of performers. A convenient system for creating and coordinating the work schedule of performers. System for monitoring work time and payroll.
In addition, for ease of use, the system is made multilingual. The system administrator has the ability to edit a large number of parameters in all aspects of the system. From adding new services and adjusting their cost, to changing the level of performers’ salaries, accruing bonuses, as well as editing access to all third-party systems.
For the mobile application, customer data storage and control systems were implemented, payment systems and customer notification systems were connected


  • PHP (laravel),
  • NodeJS
  • vue JS
  • MySQL
  • nginx
  • API and plugins
  • Airtable
  • Gmail plugin
  • Android and Apple pay systems
  • Firebase
  • dropbox API
  • integromat
  • Git
  • Jira



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