Portfolio Category: CRM

CRM for buisness

Main info: CRM system for business management The task is to develop a crm system that will help company employees create and control orders, control and confirm the receipt and expenditure of funds, build flexible reports for data analytics, and be able to create and edit the necessary program elements. The main issues of the

App for retouch photos

Description: Mobile app for retouch photos. Dashboard for retouchers work — 24/7 support users orders The task is to develop a service that will connect the client and the executor of the order. The main issues on the project were: — Acceleration and optimization of queries to a remote database. — Transfer and display a


Domain: retail, freight  transportation, wholesale   Main Functionality: Supplier Capabilities — make a purchase by selecting the date and place of delivery — track the progress and status of delivery — the ability to request a product that is not available, or an insufficient quantity — keep a balance of purchases in the application (if

Yii2 customer account

Employee motivation system. Custom CRM for employee sales accounting. Employee performance monitoring system. Bonus system. Buy of products for internal bonuses. User’s personal account. Custom admin panel to control content and view statistics. Setting up mailings to all participants