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Food Delivery site

Food delivery company website, based on WordPress Woocommerce.
The frontend part of the project in React.js.
The backend is based on the WordPress REST API and added custom methods.

The main idea of the project:
— At the beginning of the week, customers choose their own menu for the whole week, then subscribe. Base dishes are included in the subscription price, but additional ingredients in the dish + additional portions or extra dishes are have to additional payment.
— Every week, the client is sent the selected menu with the usual components, and if a change is needed, they change each time at their discretion.
— Payment for additional dishes is removed from the next order
— subscription fees are charged automatically once a week
— import of the menu items through the admin panel
— a constructor of dishes from different ingredients based on the composite products plugin


We delivered:

  • A strategy to grow business online.
  • A unique website with great user experience design.
  • A custom content management system to maintain the website flawlessly.
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