Enhancing Operational Efficiency through CRM System Development


At Webcoder Team, our main goal is to develop custom CRM systems, order management systems, and financial planning tools. We strive to help our clients optimize their business processes and enhance operational efficiency.


In 2020, a client approached us, the owner of several businesses in the construction sector, facing challenges in controlling operational activities across multiple locations. They encountered various issues, such as prolonged order fulfillment times, inefficient management across locations and finances, and inadequate supervision of managers.


Identified Problems:

- Prolonged order fulfillment times.
- Lack of a unified system for accounting and control across different locations..
- Suboptimal resource and financial management..
- Insufficient control over finances and expenses.

Proposed Solution:

After discussing the core problem, we realized there was no existing system in the market that met their specific needs. We proposed developing a specialized CRM system that would allow them to efficiently manage all business processes and operational activities.
Our system includes the following features:
- Real-time tracking of each order.
- Automated expense and revenue tracking system.
- Financial operations control through CRM.
- Automatic financial expenditure planning for future periods.
- Comparison of planned and actual expenses.


  • Increased profitability of orders through more efficient resource management.
  • Detection and prevention of embezzlement within the enterprise.
  • Motivation of managers to meet KPIs regarding order profitability.
  • Transformation of previously "unprofitable" locations into profit centers through strict control and process optimization.
  • Long-term Partnership: We continue to collaborate with our client to date. Their system is constantly evolving, and we are considering scaling this system to other businesses with minor customization.