Enhance Learning: LMS System with OpenAI


Client: Learning, Startup


Request: Client  turned to us for help in improving their educational platform to address a number of existing issues. These include: Lesson planning creation. Checking lesson materials for relevance to the lesson topic. Creating lists of educational materials necessary for both the lecturer to conduct the lesson and the student to prepare for it. Developing tests and quizzes to assess students’ knowledge of the topic covered. Establishing a convenient and accessible library for searching necessary learning materials.

About project: Improving the educational platform A project to expand the capabilities of an online school using OpenAI products. The neural network checks the lessons for compliance with the lesson topic. Creation of a lesson plan and test tasks after the lesson using a neural network. The neural network collects related information, such as what the student needs to know and learn before starting a given lesson. Implemented vector data storage and data search to obtain the most appropriate lessons and materials on a given topic.

Client's Pain Points

- Ineffective Lesson Planning: The client encountered manual processes in lesson planning, resulting in time consumption and inconsistency in lesson structure and content.
- Lack of Sequential Educational Content: Existing educational materials often varied in relevance and alignment with lesson topics, leading to confusion and decreased effectiveness in delivering educational content.
- Laborious Preparation Process: Both teachers and students faced difficulties in preparing for lessons due to the lack of a streamlined process to access relevant educational materials and resources necessary for effective learning and teaching.
- Limited Assessment Tools: The absence of automated tools for test creation and assessment hindered accurate evaluation of students' knowledge and progress, impacting the effectiveness of the learning process.
- Resource Search Problems: Students and teachers encountered challenges in finding relevant educational materials due to the absence of a convenient and accessible library or database for resource search.
- Inefficiency in Lesson Delivery: Without proper planning and support, teachers experienced difficulties in delivering engaging and interactive lessons, affecting student engagement and learning outcomes.
- Data Management Issues: Managing educational data and materials posed challenges as there was no efficient system for organizing, storing, and retrieving information related to lessons, resulting in inefficiency and potential data loss.
- Limited Integration Capabilities: The client faced limitations in integrating advanced features and capabilities, based on artificial intelligence, into the existing educational platform, hindering the adoption of innovative teaching and learning methods.

Our Solution

Developed system was an AI tool that seamlessly integrates with existing learning platform. Its mission is to empower educators and students by providing a chat-like interface for creating lesson structures, operating vectorized educational materials and full educational plans. Teachers can collaboratively design engaging lessons, incorporating multimedia, assessments, and interactive elements.Educators can review and validate lesson structures to ensure high-quality learning experiences.Real-time feedback from peers and AI assists in refining content. The product itself is a REST API, stored in AWS, MongoDB was used as direct storage for operational data(personally designed prompts, client-specific settings) and also as embedded vector storage for large educational materials, provided by clients. Vector storage uses OpenAI embedding system with 1538-dimensional vector data and MongoDB vector indexes for fast and highly efficient search through customer-provided related data. Final result was described in some options, which had opportunities to proceed with created lesson plan to parental Lesson Management System or got PDF-generated version of it. Also was implemented a few different options for dividing clients by billing, service engagement and several other big data metrics.

Outcome and Benefits

  • Implementation of an artificial intelligence system integrated with the existing platform.
  • Creation of a chat interface for lesson development and working with educational materials.
  • Ability to create comprehensive lesson plans using multimedia elements and interactive assignments.
  • Development of a REST API storage in AWS for operational data and a vector storage in MongoDB for educational materials.
  • Utilization of the OpenAI deployment system for efficient searching of educational data.
  • Implementation of options for transferring lessons to the parent lesson management system or in PDF format.